Sunday, August 15, 2010

Early Bird.

Can I tell you a secret?  I have been sleeping in late these past few days.  Not late as in 9..or even 10.  But more like 11...11:30.  Sheesh!  My day is half over practically (I have been working the closing shift at if that is a good excuse!)!  Blah.  How awful to spend half my day sleeping! 

Tomorrow is my day off.  I wish I could spend it going to the bookstore that I have been dieing to go to since I saw it over on Jenna's blog.  Unfortunately, I have already promised my day to my sister for shopping.  Perhaps I will be able to make it down on Friday... my next day off.  Or maybe I will wait until I have a full day to spend in L.A. (my friends and I are having wine night again...this time we are "traveling" to Africa!) and go to the Griffith Observatory since I have never been. 

But one thing is for sure...I will not sleep late!  I hope to wake up like this tomorrow...maybe instead of tap dancing I'll go out and take some early morning pictures!  Yes, that sounds lovely indeed.


jennainthesky said...

I love sleeping in too! But I feel the same way, why oh why did I sleep half the day away?? I hope you get to make a trip out to that lovely bookstore! Enjoy your day off. :)

karamurano said...

I LOVE bookstores...I want to go!