Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Yesterday I was hired back at Starbucks.  I am so excited to finally be back in the employment realm you have NO idea!  I'll be able to do more things on my list now that I will have money to actually do them! I start next week.  But after 8 months of not having a job...I'm scared that it might be hard to get back into it.  Not doing the work part...but scheduling everything else around work since I'm used to doing whatever whenever.  At least I only have 2 classes when the quarter starts..and one of then is a 100-level class (I know, a 100-level this late?  I didn't know I had to take it!)  I am excited because I really want to take a trip up to Napa...and now I can see that it is possible.  I am so thankful that this job came along, and am excited to start again.


Steph Kunze said...

Oh and I LOVE the drawing you made for me!

Katie Michelle said...

im so glad you like it steph! i was SO nervous about the spelling of mon amie...im glad i got it right!

Kaylyn Machelle said...

hooray Kate! I know you've been waiting for this! God is so good!!!

ps...ART?!?!?! i want!!!

karamurano said...

can i get on the list for a one of a kind creation too?!