Monday, July 26, 2010

#7-- Check!

Even though #7 on my list says to go to Galleano Winery and San Antonio Winery I am still going to check it off my list because I went out to Temecula with some friends and hit up a few wineries there that Cheryl says are personally better than Galleano and San Antonio.  So that's that.  The first winery we went to was Ponte Winery.  My initial thought was, "I'm going to have my wedding here!" Except for the fact that I am missing a groom...but that's just a minor detail, right?  The inside is adorable, and country-esque.  The wine was pretty good too. 

The next winery we went to was Mount Palomar.  My initial thought here was...THIS is where I am going to get married! I liked this place better because it was more secluded and random people couldn't just walk by and watch the ceremony. (again, still missing the groom!)  The people here were so nice, and their wine was SO good.  We were so close to checking off #12 on my list... if only we had gotten there a little bit earlier!  But we did see the bride and groom taking pictures!  You can kind of see her in the picture.

We then headed over to Robert Renzoni.  On the outside, it looked so no one was there.  But once we opened the door, it was like there was a party inside!  We got to talk to one of the owners who was so nice, actually everyone that worked there was really nice!  Sorry I didn't get any pictures here!

Our next stop was Oak Mountain.  This place was really fun.  Apparently every Saturday they have gourmet pizza and music.  While we were waiting to start the wine tasting...there was an avocado oil tasting.  There were different flavors to try like Tuscan herb, or lemon herb.  So good.  It was then that we realized how hungry we were!  We didn't even do a tasting here! We left and headed over to Bailey winery, and had lunch and their restaurant called Carols.  A perfect end to the excursion!

Once we got back...I headed straight over to my lovely friend Steph's going away party.  She is movie to Nashville with her husband and band.  I am sad that she is leaving...but so excited for her at the same time.  Love you Steph! (And seriously...if you ever need me to house and dog sit for you...I will!)

Wow...long post!  What a fun weekend!

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kippyskippy said...

Hey my friend Shannon got married at Ponte! We go back every year for lunch to reminisce!