Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Grand Canyon...Pt. 4

On the way in we saw another campsite with the theme of The Flintstones.  We decided that on the way home we would stop and take pictures:

We then took a small detour onto Route 66 to see the Grand Canyon Caverns.  (Sorry the pictures are blurry, I was having a little trouble with my camera)

After the caverns, we saw this fire truck that was the inspiration for the fire truck in the movie Cars.

We also passed through Peach Springs, the city that the Cars movie is based on.  It took us all of 3 minutes to drive through it.  The rest of our trip was smooth sailing from there...although you wouldn't know it from my GPS directions!

We did run into some Berma-Shave signs that entertained us on the way home!  It's hard to believe that we did that much in a little under 48 hours!  I'm so glad that we went through with this spontaneous trip, and that I get to check off #1 on my list!  Everything was so easy, and seamless...I would recommend everyone taking a trip like this.

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