Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 5: Thoughts on growing old.

When I was little I thought that I would never get old...or that it would take a very long time at least.  Even when I got to college I thought that I would never graduate...or at least it would take a very long time.  But now that I am getting older and getting ready to graduate...  I  think about what I am going to be like when I get old, and I really truly hope that I am like my Grandma (we call her MeeMaw).  She is so incredible and always knows everything.  Seriously.  Whenever I call her with a question... whether it be a cooking or sewing or life questions...she always knows what to do...

I remember her telling me that she asked her own Grandma when she was young what being old felt like.  Her grandma responded with some pretty awesome words...She may look old, but she still feels like she is 17 and has never lost that mentality.  I know my Grandma takes those words to heart, and I will too!

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