Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 6: I am good at...

Watercolor Paper, Acrylic paint, Charcoal

This is the hardest post that I have written so far.  I really don't think that I am especially good at any one thing, but this week being the last week of my English classes I have been thinking about why I became an English major in the first place.  Yes, I did change my major from business because I am horrible at math, but I also changed it because I thought it was weird to teach people how to manage.  I feel like it is a skill that you either know or you don't. 


I decided on English because I liked to read, and I didn't feel like I was able to articulate the things that I wanted to say...and perhaps choosing English as a major would help me.  I'm not saying that it hasn't helped me in that aspect, but I think that it helped me realize one of my other gifts...the gift of listening.  I realized that sometimes people just need someone to listen...not talk and talk and talk..but just to sit and listen and be understanding.  The thing is...I like to listen.  I used to wish that I was a more conversational person but I think this gift that God has given me is perfect, for me.  So if you need someone to listen...I'm really good at it.

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Kaylyn Machelle said...

I agree.

In fact, I was driving yesterday and had a breakdown (it was a bad day.) and drove right by your house on the 71. I wanted to stop SO bad because I knew you would sit and listen and offer me tea and be quiet when I needed you to be quiet and speak when I needed you to speak.

But...I was late to work.

Ahh, next time my dear Katie Kate.