Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day 12: My Favorite Season... and Random Finds #7

Can I have 2 favorite seasons?


They are Fall and Spring. I love the color of the leaves in the Fall, and the color of the flowers in the Spring. Unfortunately, Spring does not last as long as I wish it would.  It feels like only a few weeks where the flower fields next to my house stay the beautiful vibrant yellow.  I would always mean to stop and take a picture of it...but by the time I have the is over already!  The weather starts to warm up in the Spring, and it is so nice to have after the long(?) winter.  But that is also why I like fall.  After the long summer, it is so nice when it starts to cool down.

Who doesn't have the extra money to buy these?

Maybe this will be the theme of my eventual dinner party.

I would not put a turtle in a crib nor a bathtub.

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