Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Weekendings...

Don't let these precious, adorable, angelic, faces fool you...
This weekend I had the task of watching my nieces.  Lily being 2 and 1/2, and Emma being 6 months you would think that this feat would be easy.  Not the case.  All Lily wanted to do was watch Dancing With The Stars (I normally don't like this show- save that Erin Andrews (a ZTA) is on it- and watching the same episode for 5 hours EVERYDAY does not make me like it more than I already had not).  Emma would wake at the late hour of 4:30 a.m.  Good thing my dad would get up to make her a bottle, then I would wake around 8 when she would start to cry again.  My dad would also take Lily to do some fun things like feeding Gusss, feeding the fish, and cleaning out the pool.  Where was she when my parents were gone for that week?

 I learned this week that I a sort of fun police.  I would make Lily put one color of play dough away before she got another out so that the colors wouldn't mix.  Why does that matter?  I have NO idea!  Kids are kids, and they should have fun and mix their play dough colors!  The good thing that happened over the weekend is that I think Lily started to like me more.  She used to say that I was not her friend, and the number of times she said that I couldn't come to her house has minimalized.  Yes, I think our relationship has taken on a new dimension. 

As for Emma, whatever I would do she thought it was hilarious...a great self-esteem booster I must say.  I would play with her legs moving them in a bicycle type fashion while singing this song.  More for my entertainment then hers, but like I said she thinks I'm hilarious. Not that I was ever in a huge hurry for kids (if you know me you know I am not a huge fan of kids) but now I am in even less of a hurry!

Up for this week:
I am fairly busy with schoolwork: Translating 75 more lines of Old English Beowulf into modern English, a mid-term for that same class, and a paper for my English Enlightenment class on the 18th Century Ode.  At least I like these classes or else I would have a hard time getting started on these projects!

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