Monday, January 18, 2010


I feel like there has been a lot of birthday celebrating these past few weeks, and this week was my brother's birthday. We played another round of Cookie Factory, and it was just as fun as last time, except that we made cupcakes!
Lily, she put on her chap stick, "herself."

We have all the ingredients we need...Now...we just need to put them all together...
The mixer is still, "too loud," but she can still help!Clean up time!Time to put the mix in the cupcake holders! Every time grandma would put the mix in, she would say, "Cupcaaaaaakes" with this face:We had delicious cupcakes made by Lily herself, and it was a great Birthday surprise for her daddy.

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marycpnp said...

This is waaaaaaaay too adorable. Katie your photog talents are amazing!