Monday, January 25, 2010

I could make that...Pt. 2

Yes, part 2. Remember part 1? Well, I had asked my Grandma, and she made it look so easy! But, when it came to me making it...Well, I was left with...
That's right, bare feet! (yes, I do need a pedicure!) Here's my new "I could make that" project: Matroyshkas. Otherwise known as Russian Nesting Dolls. I received this cute little one when I was working at Disneyland:
These 2 little ladies came in and I was helping them pick out their photos. They were so sweet and didn't speak any English! After I finished helping them, they handed me this (I didn't know what they were called at the time, so I settled for Babushka, which according to Wikipedia is semi-correct) Either way, it totally made my day...week...month...entire internship (yea that sounds right). Their kindness was exactly what I needed to see in people, and encourages me to be that way to people I don't know either. So now, I am obsessed with Matroyshkas!

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kippyskippy said...

i'll bet you didn't know this...but i collect those! hahah so random!