Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hello! Cookie Factory!

My sister and I have this fun little game that we like to call, "Cookie Factory." It consists of us baking cookies, or anything of the related source.
When we play, here are the rules:
1.) Make something sweet (cookies, candy, etc.)
2.) Make the biggest mess you can. (This includes flour EVERYWHERE, especially on your face).
3.) This is the most important rule: When the phone rings, you have to answer, "Hello! Cookie Factory! (It's the most fun if we don't use caller I.D.)

Well, today we played cookie factory! This time, we included my sister's fiance, Brady. As well as his sister Bree, and her friend Charee who are in town this week. We made chocolate covered gummie bears and chocolate covered pretzels.
It was fun to make after watching Eco Trip, which this series first episode was about the environmental impact of chocolate and the process of making it. Not only is this show funny, and educational, but the host is really cute!

So, now we are waiting for them to harden, so that we can enjoy them. I hope everything turned out okay!

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Kristin said...

Yummy!! Can you make some when we have our little reunion on May 25th?!?!