Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Planning and Scheming

Since I realized that ALL the responsibility is on me for the Bridal Shower of my sister, I have been diving into it full force. I bought the cutest invitations (and matching Thank-You cards!).

They perfectly match one of the main colors of her wedding, and are perfect for a Summer Bridal Shower. And, I have just finished addressing them! Now, all I have to do is confirm the day, and print out the invitations. However, I am nervous about printing them out! They are a weird shape (not normal paper size) and I don't know how to work the printer! Good thing these things come with printer test sheets! I've also planned an ice breaker game, as well as another fun traditional Bridal Shower game, the center pieces, food & drinks, cutlery, and other fun little things. Now, all I have to do is get my sister and her fiance out to register so that I can get these things out! I am also really excited because they have asked me to take their engagement photos! I'm scared and excited all at the same time. I hope they turn out well because I have a really fun idea of something to do with the pictures. So, I don't think that I'm missing anything. But, I have never planned a Bridal Shower before, so any other ideas are more than appreciated, or if you have noticed anything that I may have missed, I would truly appreciated it!


Kaylyn Machelle said...

those are cute :) i love them

Maria Nichole Ham said...

Hi Katie, so happy to have found you here :) I'm planning a few showers too this summer...we should share ideas.