Thursday, April 23, 2009

View from the Window.

In case you haven't heard, my house is currently Under Construction. We are making my room, my sister's room, and my parent's room's bigger, and we are all getting our own walk-in-closets. sister and I are FINALLY getting our OWN bathroom. We have only waited for this for 22 years of our lives, well for me at least! I mean yes, I am excited for this, but this whole process is a nightmare! Sleeping on the couch, not fun. Having all your clothes in the garage, not fun. Having everything you own in storage, not fun. Some of the things that I need are in storage, and I can't access them easily, and I am very tired of this...but still very excited! However, the worst part of it all is when it comes to night time. I mean I'm sleeping on the couch, and my parents are one room away watching the t.v. as if it's a movie theater! It is not necessary for their t.v. to be so loud, right? Therefore, I invested in a sleeping mask, and...ear plugs! Not the most comfortable solution, but, I suppose I will only have a few more weeks to deal. Then I get this fabulously bigger room, and new bathroom. I can just picture what I am going to do with it now...

Yes...On the far wall a bookshelf, with my chair underneath the window. Perfect for reading.
And my bed right against that wall, with pictures hanging above it.

I think I will have the most relaxing showers here...and a nice place to get ready in the mornings.
Now...this view from my window will definitely need some improvement!


dangerous dan said...

Good luck with the new space!

Jorden said...

What!? How exciting! Hey, but isn't your sister going to move out when she gets married??