Friday, September 17, 2010

Reviewing and Hiking.

Hello Friends!  I saw over on The Blue Bookcase blog that they are looking for another I thought that I would toss my hat into the "ring."  It is a review of The Giver.  I know that I have already posted a review of it a earlier last week, but the one that I sent into the Blue Bookcase is a little different...mostly because I wrote them at separate times and I couldn't remember what I had written!

It is weird to have something that I have written posted up on another blog, but I think that it is putting me one step closer to becoming comfortable with people reading what I am writing... So, you can find my review Here...and Let them know what you think of it and the other guest reviewers, Thanks friends!

My friend Cheryl and I have been trying to go on a hike for the past few weeks now...but things like work, and making headbands, seemed to get in our way...until yesterday.  We took a trip over to the Chino Hills State Park (I have never been there) and went on a hiking excursion.  It was really kind of confusing.  Have you ever been there?  There was nobody around, the road wasn't paved, and the trails weren't well marked.  So we parked randomly, and went on our hike.  We walked until the path ended.  Yep.  It just ended.  It didn't even go in a circle!  What a let down.  (We think we weren't even on a "real" trail because we saw a sign that said utility, so maybe we were on the utility road? And we were walking under the power lines...Oops?)

Sorry the pictures and kind of blurry....They were taken with my phone.

Once we turned around and got back to the car, we decided to explore a little more and go deeper into the park.  We drove a ways and the street finally turned into pavement...we found a real parking lot (instead of just parking on the side of the road) and more trails!  What we didn't find was more people...well we found a couple but not many.  I would never go to this place by myself...but I think we will go again.


Connie @ SogniESorrisi said...

I remember reading The Giver in school!

j.marie said...

I miss the hills of California and California PERIOD. Not that I like hiking, I just like looking at mountains ;) Also, you're header image is really cool. I don't know if it's new or if I just didn't notice before. I like it a lot.