Monday, September 20, 2010

The Bruery.

I went out on Friday with a couple of friends to The Bruery.  I had never heard of it before, but one of my friends boyfriend just got a job there, and we went to go visit him.  It was in this industrial complex I guess you could say, and I would have never expected The Bruery (or anything) to be there.  Once we turned the corner though, there were SO many people!  There was also a Kogi truck outside...which I am  sure helps the beer business out a lot with getting people to come by.  We grabbed our first beer:  Hottenroth.  We also got this syrup added to made it taste like the end of a bowl of lucky charms, and it turned it green...not my favorite.  The second beer we tried was the Saison Rue.  Also, not my favorite, at least the beers were really cheap!  Although the ones that I had tried were not to my liking, I think I would still go back to try the other ones and then if I still don't like any of their beers I won't go back, but I figure one more try won't hurt!

This is the Hottenroth.

The view from inside... I am glad no one noticed I was taking a picture!
Pictures taken with my phone... in case you were wondering why they are so blurry!

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