Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Libraries and Childhood.

Yesterday I went down to the local library to check out a book so that I could start reading my first book for the 52 books in a year quest.  I haven't been to a local library in ages (I usually just go to the one on campus, especially since they had just redone the one at Cal Poly.)  The librarian helped me to sign up for a library card and I couldn't help but remember the first library card I got.  I was really young, second grade at the oldest, and my mom took me to the library to fill out the information for my very own library card.  It was one of the happiest moments of my little life at the time.  The excitement of being able to check out my very own books was overwhelming!

I guess not much has changed since I still love books and reading.  (I should have listened to these signs ages ago instead of wasting time as a Business major before listening to my calling of being an English major!) Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with the Chino Hills library.  They didn't have any of the books I wanted...not even the classics!

I placed an order for a book and hopefully it will be here soon.  Now I know that I will have to order all the books that I want ahead of time.  The librarian better brace herself to become my new best friend!  I hope that the one I chose is good enough to power through in a few days rather than the week that I had planned.   But that is one of the reasons why I gave myself a week in the first place, right?

Happy Reading.

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j.marie said...

Yay for libraries! I love this post because just the other day I told my husband I had to pick up some books at the library and he said, "Who still goes to the library?" Ha! Book lovers do.

Thanks for leaving the comment. I did like The Time Traveller's Wife (the book only). I'm on to The Space Between Us.

Happy reading to you too!