Friday, September 3, 2010

Good Morning World.

I was inspired by simplybreakfast to take a picture of my own breakfast...not as colorful but still delicious!

I'd say that I have had a particularly productive morning.  I got up, threw my laundry into the wash, organized my closet and nightstands, and am now enjoying an oatmeal and soy milk (please don't think I'm gross!) breakfast.  I love soy milk, but people give me weird looks when I tell them that I drink that instead of regular milk!  

I hope that my productive morning with lead to a productive afternoon which will lead to a productive evening (I have today and tomorrow off work so I will feel bad wasting these days to doing nothing!)  Maybe I will hop over to a new library and see if they have any of the books that I want...I am way behind on my book reading is already Friday and I haven't started a book yet! Eek!  Wish me luck in my endeavor to finding one!