Friday, August 13, 2010

A Music Review: Bradley Hathaway

I saw on Bradley Hathaway's myspace (I know, myspace) today that he was looking for people who have a blog to write a review of his new EP A Thousand Angry Panthers.  I thought, well I have a blog (not that many people read it) and decided to do a little review. 

I first learned of Bradley Hathaway and his work when I first got into college (or around then at least).  I liked it all right, but absolutely fell in love with what he was doing when he came out with his A Mouth Full of Dust album.  (Promo 1, Promo 2, Promo 3--I wish my days happened like that!)  From this album Mary is my favorite.  It is possibly one of the most heartbreaking songs I have ever heard (but I find beauty in depressing things...especially these past few years!)  It inspires me a lot.  I mention this song because I think that it is the most closely related song sound wise to the new EP. 

I think the reason that I liked the past album so much is because I could see so much of myself in it.  In this new EP I notice the growth from the previous, and it makes it that much better.  Even though there are only 4 songs on it, there are a broad range of topics covered.  I love the violin that is used in She Was Raised By A Man With A Sickness, and the hopeful tone in Carolina is beautiful.  Would You Think Less Of Me is a song that I can connect with from experience; the winter imagery is lovely. The last song: The World Is Screaming is not only a glimpse of the state of the world but possibly a reminder of how to live in it and perhaps change it.

I just wanted to share because I think that what Bradley Hathaway does is amazing and inspiring, and if you would like to support A Thousand Angry Panthers is on itunes.

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