Saturday, August 21, 2010

African Wine Night.

Our wine nights have been especially successful these past two times.  Last night we "traveled" to Africa.  Luckily, my friend Olivia is from Kenya and my other friend Teresa's husband is from South it helps our authenticity, right?  Olivia made Ugali and Sukumwiki (pictured on the right).  I had to ask her several times what it was called, and how to spell it.  I just was not getting it.  Teresa made a stew (pictured on the left)

Taken with my phone....I always forget to bring my camera!

I didn't ask her what it was called more than once because I thought that I would be able to remember it, but I have forgotten!  The more important thing is that it was delicious!  Cheryl brought a rice and pita dish (I forgot the name of this one as well!  I am horrible!)  We enjoyed some yummy wine, and Danielle also brought Tucker beer (I know, beer at wine night?  But Africa is mostly known for the beer than their wine...or so I'm told).   I brought a dessert call Bananas Ghana.  I wasn't a huge fan of it, but the other girls liked it all didn't stop us from finishing it! We finished off the night playing Loaded Questions.  A very successful wine night.

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Jen said...

"Traveling" wine night sounds like such a great idea (and lots of fun!).