Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 30: 5 of my pet peeves are...

1.) People who drive 55mph in the fast lane.  C'mon people!  If you can't even go the speed limit...please don't drive in the lanes where those who do are!

2.) When people leave their visors down in the car when they aren't in it.  I'm not sure why this drives me crazy...but it does!

3.) People who use the word "epic" Not only is this word super annoying to me, but usually when people use it, they are referring to things that are not epic at all!

4.) Nicholas Cage.  Yes, a person is my pet peeve.  I just don't appreciate any of the movies that he is doing lately.  You might say...what about Gone In 60 Seconds (Like my Best Friend would or my sister-in-law)?  I have not brought myself to watch it...But National Treasure, and the new movie of his coming out...not appealing (wow...long rant on Nicholas Cage!)

5.) Mistakes in published works...I found this one when re-reading The Count of Monte Cristo.


The Brook's said...

Haha! I share you annoyance of the word epic too!! :)

Steph Kunze said...

Nicholas Cage, I know!