Wednesday, July 7, 2010

...and 30 days is over.

Yesterday was Day 30.  Man, it feels good to have completed this.  Honestly...I almost gave up half way through...and almost again at the end.  But I mustered through, and I am glad that I did it.  When I first put the prompts together, I thought that they would be simple and not too hard to do.  But, some of them proved me wrong.  I think that pushing through and doing the prompts that were harder for me helped me in getting over the fact that they were hard things for me to write about, and to just do it!  So, I hope that you guys liked was fun...but I am glad it's over!

Only 2 more weeks for Summer School!  Can I please just brag about myself for one minute?  I am horrible at Math but...I am doing so well in this class that I almost can't believe it!  I have gotten A's on all the homework, both of the quizzes, and both of the tests!  Seriously...I might have to change my major to Math because I am proving to be such a genius! Ok...I am not going to go that far...but I really feel good about myself right now!  Only 2 ore weeks...2 more weeks...2 more weeks!

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