Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 26: If I had 15 minutes to evacuate my home before it was destroyed, what 10 things would I bring (not including pets or people).

Wow! 10 things is actually a lot...I don't think that I would be able to carry 10 things out the door!  But...then again I would have fifteen minutes!

1.) Photo albums/ Pictures

2.) This Teddy Bear that my Meemaw made me when I was born

3.) The ZTA Quilt that my mom made me with all the shirts that I had collected.

4.) A few of my favorite books.

5.) My journals and diaries.

6.) My ipod and earphones

7.) This necklace and earring set that my Meemaw gave me many, many years ago.  She got it when she went to the Holy Land, and apparently the gems are from Solomons mine.

I've never worn them...hence why they are still in the baggie

8.) Probably some clothes.

9.) I seem to have run out of important things! But I think this is a good list!  If the situation were to arise I'm sure that there are many more things that I would want to add...but these would definitely make the cut!

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Hearthandmade said...

i dont like thinking about this!! Cuz i freak out! N thre would be a few nights i have thought about it and packed my laptop and some clothes and some crafty things i cud just grab to run out the door!! I prob shud do it more often just incase but that could send you mental thinking like that...

:D Im a bit ocd lol.

instant pictures

Thats it im getting fireproof furniture and storage!!