Friday, July 30, 2010

#11--Semi Check

On my list, I put say yes more.  I felt like I was always saying no to doing things, and that life would be more fun if I said yes!  So yesterday, one of my sorority sisters asked me last minute to go to the OC fair.  I almost said no...mostly because I wouldn't know anyone who was going.  Then I remembered my list, and said yes!  I had so much fun...I also met one of the baby zeta's (that's what we call the new members, and I haven't really met any so it was nice to hang out with her for the night!)  We mostly walked around since there is so much to see...watched the hypnotist... those are always fun.  I like fairs because they have so many weird things like chocolate covered bacon?  Apparently it's good...and signs that say, "The Fun Starts Here" I find signs like that hilarious.  These pictures I took with my phone so sorry about the quality:

Anyone else thinking Adventureland with the banana stuffed prizes?

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