Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day 9: A Typical Sunday As A Child

Wake Up! When I was younger, a typical Sunday started off with my parents insisting that we go to the early service of church.  My sister and I would always be so tired, and we never understood why we had to for to first service.  But...we did know that if we didn't get up and get ready that they would take us in our jammies.  I'm not sure now that my mom would really do that...but if I remember right I think my sister didn't get ready for school one day, and my mom took her to school in her pj's! After church we would have a donut, then head home and read the color Sunday comics.  Then depending on weather, we would either spend the rest of the day swimming, coloring, playing Barbies, or making forts. 

Now today's Sunday, I woke up late.... then hung out with Lily and Emma.  Emma is rolling around the floor talking to herself, and Lily is asking 139247 questions.  I do love them a lot!

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