Monday, June 28, 2010

Day 23: In the next year I am going to... Check for #18 turning 24 years old.  Since when did I get so old?  I still feel like I am barely...21?...sure.

...graduate from college... this is seriously scary!  But I still will probably go back to school for my masters... so maybe it won't be that scary after all!

...move out?  Nah...I have it so good at home!  I doubt that The House Fairy would follow me to my new place!


Check # 18 off my list!

I was drinking wine with some of my friends (Syrah and Shiraz specifically...I had even brought it with me!) and I was really enjoying it!  Then they brought out some Riesling (my previously favorite wine), and it was too sweet for me.  So I think that I am able to check this off my list and say that I have officially grown a taste for red wine.  Yay me!

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