Thursday, March 18, 2010

On My Side...

Lately... I feel like The World wants me to accomplish my list!  Here are some examples: The day after I made my list, my cousin called me and we immediately made plans to go to grandma's house (Coming up in a few days too!).  Cheryl and I agreed that my first furlough day (In case you didn't know- Furlough days are when classes are intentionally cancelled due to the state budget cuts) and we are going to take a trip to the Grand Canyon!  Now today...When I was checking out the Real Simple site, this article came up on entertaining, which will come in handy for when I throw my dinner party! recipe this week as my parents went out, and I had no one to cook for.  So, the enchiladas I was planning on making will have to wait until next week.  (I am kind of nervous to make them for the fact that the recipe wants me to put cottage cheese in them?! What do you think about that? I have no idea if they will turn out!)  I am enjoying this nice weather outside, its not too hot or too cold.  I hope it stays like this a while before getting summer-ly hot!

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