Monday, March 1, 2010

Celebrating Easter Early

Is it too early to be decorating Easter cookies (is that a traditional Easter food?)?  Brady and Jamie made some dough (his grandma's recipe!), then they brought it over for us to cut and decorate with Lily.  Decorating cookies with a 2 year old goes a little something like this:

Me- "Lily, can I borrow the sprinkles?"
Lily- "In one minute"
Jamie- "Lily, stop eating the frosting"
Brady- "Let's have a cookie decorating contest"
Me- "Lily, stop eating the frosting"
Lily- "I need more sprinkles!"
Jamie- "Lily, stop eating the frosting!"

That Bunny is Brady's handy work!

We may or may not have run out of frosting for all of the cookies.  (Hint: we may have) Anywho, we had a lot of fun...and tons of cookies left over!

P.S The Bachelor finale is on tonight! I am really torn for who I think he picks (I would rather it be Tenley, or neither!)  We will just have to wait!

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