Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hopin' for a B...

Friday I took the hardest midterm I have ever taken in my undergrad career.  I am not exaggerating here! As I was having a conference with some of my friends after the test (it was for my Chaucer class), they thought it was hard too, so I think this validates my point, right? I told one of the girls that I was hoping for a B. She turns to me and asks, "Why do you always do that, you are so smart!" It really made me think. I do always hope for B's in my classes, and I think it is because no matter what I do that seems to always be the grade that I get. However, in my Structure of Language class, I thought that that was a difficult test as well..and you know what? I did better on that one than I had on the first test where I felt more prepared (granted it was still a B, but I wasn't expecting to even get that!)!  I suppose that what I am getting at here is that maybe I'm maturing? I am having this huge passion for writing, and learning about writing, and creating writing, and reading, and critiquing, and discovering.... and...I have been reading some interesting blogs lately, and have been inspired to strengthen my writing. I suppose one of the challenges that will help me get there is my 10-page paper for Victorian Writers. Well, that’s how I will look at this lengthy task anyways. Happy Sunday!

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