Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1st Time BBQ'ing=Battlefield.

It's Wednesday again, and my night to make dinner! I found this new recipe from This one was much simpler than the one I had made last week, and just as delicious. I liked this recipe more than the one I did last week, and mom said it was a toss up (but I think she liked the one last week better!). With this one I added asparagus, and it made it extra yummy. However, using the BBQ is not as easy as one would think! I'm afraid that I lost a few pieces of squash...and zucchini...and the fire below (moment of silence please...). And I had a few wounded (burnt to a crisp!) red bell peppers. Ok...and maybe I might have burnt one of the pieces of bread (good thing I had an extra!). Getting the BBQ to the right temperature is key, although that was probably a given.  I'm optimistic that I will due much better next time! Sorry I didn't take any pictures (I wish I had), but I was running around trying to rescue the other vegetables from the same horrific fate. I suppose that the good thing is that, (which I had failed to tell you last time about the garlic: Did you know that 2 cloves of garlic does not mean 2 whole garlics?! Me neither!) So, I got the amount of garlic right, and it would seem that I am improving my culinary skills, and after 2 weeks no less! Any idea's on what to make for dinner next week?  I have a few ideas, but I am trying to stock up an arsenal of recipes!

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