Thursday, January 1, 2009

What does the moose say?

I was babysitting my niece yesterday, and I decided to teach her something new. If you ask her what the tiger says she will say, "Rawr!" or if you ask her what the bee says she will say, "BzzBzzBzz..." She is very smart and can also do the animals sounds of a monkey, puppy, kitty cat. She has also learned how to count to ten and she is only 17 months! So I had this idea to teach her what the moose says. It is the funniest thing ever. What does the moose say? "Waaahhh" She is just too cute! Here's where I got the idea of what a moose should say:
I wonder what else I should teach her...

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Jorden said...

My niece LOVED this video...she kept saying, "More time...more time, Auntie." We have pretty cute nieces, now don't we?