Saturday, December 27, 2008

Almost A White Christmas.

For Christmas this year we went up to my Meemaws house. I haven't been up there in so long, and it was so much fun! Almost all of my cousins were there along with my aunts and uncle. On the drive up there it was soooo cold, and rained a tiny bit. I could see snow on the mountains, and I was getting excited because I thought that MAYBE this year, I could have a White Christmas. Unfortunately, it was not the case. But, it got really cold, freezing actually, and icy all over the place, which is close to snow, right? All well, maybe next year!

My Meemaw has tons of animals. It is impossible to go anywhere without finding one. From cats, to dogs to horses, you name it, and she has probably had it at one point.

Anyways, I don't get to see my cousins that much, and I had the best time with them. We played rock band practically all of Christmas day. I bet they wished they had let me play the drums instead of singing. I don't want to brag or anything, but I have the most horrible voice you will ever hear, truly. My Meemaw and my mom gave me the best gifts EVER. My Meemaw made me a tote, that has squares of coffee beans and earth tones, it is so cute...and homemade. And my mom put all the dances that me and my sister were in when we were younger, onto one DVD, instead of having them on the ten different VHS'. These were perfect gifts, and a perfect Christmas.

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