Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Back to School...To get some Knowledge.

School is starting up again on Thursday. Back to the daily grind of meetings, endless pages to read, papers to write and teachers to please. Although I must say that English teachers are some of the most hilarious teachers that I have had. This quarter I get the pleasure of taking 2 professors again. One of them is so adorable and kind. He doesn't want to make you feel bad for getting an answer wrong, so he will say something along these lines, " Yes...I can see that." But, when you get an answer right he will say, "YES! Precisely the right answer!" The other professor likes to wear a Harry Potter cape to class. Which is VERY distracting because I'm like, "You are wearing a Harry Potter cape!" Which I can't seem to get over. But I'm excited because both of these professors are incredibly intelligent and I can't wait to learn from them again. I'm also really excited that I get to see my Sisters on a daily basis once again. Tuesday's and Thursday's U-hour = my favorite. It is almost impossible to me to A.) have a class without unexpectedly having one of them in my class or B.) running into at lease 5 different girls on my way to there. It's a wonder that I can make it to class on time! This is going to be a fantastic quarter, I can feel it.

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marycpnp said...

I can't wait to hear more funny teacher stories! I must tell you about a few I have encountered. Ah, academia!