Friday, August 1, 2008


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Heather, Angelica, Cory and I have decided that we need to start our own talk show, especially after coming to our HORRIFYING life epiphany that we all seemed to have shared at the same exact moment tonight.
We came to the conclusion that the reason that things don't work out with the boys that we really want, is because we are too nice. We care too much about calling and making sure that we are always in touch and making an effort, because we are afraid that if we don't do these things, then they won't know that we like them.
But then, we came to this epiphany: Our niceness isn't being received as "Oh, this girl likes me, that's why she is doing all this for me and cares so much." But is rather coming off as, "This girl is more annoying than nice, can't stand up for herself, she is insecure and will always be around because she is really nice, so I'm just going to keep my options open."
We are being treated like condiments (we like to think of ourselves as the Hot Sauce). It's something that is nice to have, but if you forget about it, you can still eat your burrito with out it. You don't really need it, and you don't miss it all that much when you dont have it.
We need to be treated like the way we are treating these people. Now we know that we are being too nice, we are changing our ways. It is a scary thing to do, for all 4 of us, but I think that we can do it, we need to do it.

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SarahMacMiller said...

I remember you telling me about your new plan to improve your "condiment" status. I hope you upgrade your self to nachos or soda, because its kinda hard to eat burritos with out nachos or soda. Don't change too much, your nice and caring personality is a big part of who you are! Whatever you do don't turn into a female version of Tucker Max. but I don't think that will ever happen. Good luck!

SarahMacMiller said...

Hey, that last comment was from Sarah from work. Yeah, I forget to mention that so now you know. Bye.