Thursday, January 20, 2011

It's in the bag

Ashley from A Hasty Life invited me to join her in her blog crawl "It's in the bag!"  I am so excited to be part of this, especially considering that I desperately needed to clean out my purse!

This is what my purse looks like.  I got it from Forever 21 for around $30 I believe.  I try not to spend more than that on a purse!

You can tell that it has been awhile since I have cleaned out my purse because I currently have about 4 paycheck stubs...don't worry, I have direct deposit!  I have been carrying around my passport because my renewed license has yet to show up (I renewed it nearly 2 months ago!) and you never know when the need to buy a bottle of wine might come up!

Here I have my work schedule, movie stubs, a plethora of lip care necessities, a roll of quarters from my tips, a cute bobby pin made for me by my dear friend Kaylyn, my house key (I don't have a key ring for it...though I probably should since I seem to lose it all the time!) and New is the best thing I have used.  Since my hands are in sanitizer water all day from work New Skin it perfect for sealing cuts on my hands!

I was sick a while ago and have not taken out my cold care products...I might need them one day!  Lotion is a hands are always so dry...this is the best lotion I have found, I definitely recommend it!  And mints of course!

And finally, my wallet, car keys, and camera (still in the baggie from when I had to turn it in while I was taking the CBEST!)

Sorry it took me so long to post this...its hard find computer time around here sometimes!  I had so much fun going through my purse, and finally cleaning it out!  Make sure to check out Girly Things By E who posted yesterday and A Soldiers Girl Thoughts who is posting tomorrow!

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Ashley Hasty said...

Thank you so much for participating in this blog crawl! I loved getting a peek inside your bag! And don't worry about when you long as you posted today I was happy! :) Thanks a million!

<3 Ashley