Monday, December 13, 2010

I feel like jumping in celebration.

Well friends, 5 years later and here I am....a college graduate!  I wish I could say that it was the easiest most enjoyable 5 years of my life....but in all honesty it was hard, exhausting, sometimes emotional, yet fun and interesting at the same time.  I really enjoyed the classes that I took, even though getting through them took a lot of work to get through.  I can't lie, I cried a little bit the other day in my car (not balling tears, just a little teary eyed) when I thought that it was the last final that I was going to have to take, the last day that I had to go to class.  I kept saying oh yea after break, or when I start school in, no its not school, its the real world.  Scary!  Wow. My undergrad career is over!  Here are some pictures throughout my college life:

My Bid Night.  My first year and quarter at Cal Poly.  The first official day I hung out with my new ZTA sisters!

One of the many Greek Weeks.  Food fair day...selling snow cones on a VERY hot day!

Here we are making a balloon arch for recruitment.  I have made too many to count...I wonder if that is a skill  I can add to a resume? 

At the ZTA Casino Night fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness and Education.

At the end of one of the Greek Weeks.  I feel like this is an iconic picture with the CLA building in the back.  (We won Greek week 4 years in a row!)

Another Bid Day 

One of the many trips that I took up to Nor Cal with some sisters.  How very convenient that my sorority sister happened to have a limo in her garage!

In an elevator getting ready for the ZTA formal.

A random day on Campus...most likely during U-hour.

My Pledge sisters.  Fall '05 or rather Fall O' Fabulous! 

Wow! Lots of pictures!  I really had a fun time in college overall.  And now its over.  I'm ready for some new adventures!

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Anna said...

congratulations!!!!! such an exciting time. good luck with your next adventure!