Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'd like to hope there are more people out there like him.

I read this poem in my French class today: 

Si j'étais Dieu, la mort serait sans proie,
Les hommes seraient bons, j'abolirais l'adieu,
Et nous ne verserions que des larmes de joie,
                Si j'étais Dieu.
Si j'étais Dieu, de beaux fruits sans écorces
Mûriraient, le travail ne serait plus qu'un jeu,
Car nous n'agirions plus que pour sentir nos forces,
                Si j'étais Dieu.
Si j'étais Dieu, pour toi, celle que j'aime,
Je déploierais un ciel toujours frais, toujours bleu,
Mais je te laisserais, ô mon ange, la même,
                Si j'étais Dieu.
- Sully  Prud'homme

I'm not entirely certain if this is the whole poem or not...its just what we discussed in class. I thought it to be rather sweet. It reminded me of this regular customer that comes into my work. He is the sweetest little old man who comes in every day for his quad shot of espresso. He was in the Navy, and I learned today that he became a minister after retiring (he said it is weird giving sermons since he has considered himself a military man nearly his whole life!). He says the sweetest things all the time, and the other day he said the loveliest thing about his wife: He said that he would be lost without her, and that she saved him. He is absolutely adorable (quite possibly my favorite customer).  I hope that we all can be so lucky as to find another person who could/ would love us with that long lasting affection.

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