Saturday, October 9, 2010


This is my 200th post!  How exciting!  I have had this blog for a little over 2 doesn't seem that long at all!  I feel like I should write something about how much I have seen myself grow and how much fun I have with this blog...and I do... but I think that I am just going to do a regular ol' post!  I should have written about this a while ago, but I forgot that I had taken pictures!  So two weeks ago-ish I went to DBA Wine Bar in P-town (that's what we call Pomona) with my friend.  She was studying to take her Master Sommelier level 2 test, and we went down there so she could sample the wines...I went along to help her study...I'm such a good friend.  She sampled a few of the wines, and I had the was amazing.  I would like to go back again for sure.

Once again....taken with my phone...I like to be inconspicuous when taking photos of strangers!

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