Sunday, May 23, 2010

For lack of a better title: Books that do not strike my fancy.

I have read many, many books.  Some of them I really didn't like, and I have decided to make a list of them.

1.) The House of Mirth: Edith Wharton- This book was so slow I could not get into it.  But I had to read it for a class, or else I would not have finished it on my own.

2.) The Time Machine: H.G. Wells- I am just not one for science fiction, and this book absolutely killed me.  And again, I had to read it for a class, so I suppose that speaks for itself.

3.) Breaking Dawn: Stephanie Meyer- This might be my all time hated book. (I only really read the series to find out what all the hype was about).  I could go into a long rant of all the reasons why I don't like it but for now I will just say that:  this book made me wish that I had never learned to read...seriously.

4.) The Portrait of a Lady: Henry James-  Another book that I had to read for class, and another book that was slow and would not have finished if I were reading it on my own.

Maybe one day I will grow into liking these books; that is if I build the courage to give them a second chance.  I might one day think, "Were those books really that bad? I will try this again."  Perhaps I will find them to be quite good, and I might even regret the time that I spent hating them.  (Although I don't think that this will apply to Stephanie Meyer's book...but one should never say never).

I am a sucker for book covers.  This is a new set from Penguin Classic (They always have the cutest covers...If only I lived in the U.K I could enter to win them!).  Except for the fact that one of them is The House of Mirth, but I won't hold that against them.

Happy Sunday.

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