Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Getty.

Yes! I finally get to officially check something off my list!  Friday night I went with my list and said, "yes" to going out to Downtown Fullerton with some of my sorority sisters. (Saying "yes" is something that is in the process of being checked off my list!) A couple of them were talking about going to the Getty on Saturday, so I kind of invited myself along (as well as another girl from my sorority whom had put going to museums on her list as well!).  Saturday we all met up, and drove out.  It took forever.  I know that there is always traffic, but this was ridiculous!  I think it took us about 2 hours to get there!  But once we did, the view was breathtaking!  We had to take a tram from the parking lot up a steep hill to actually get to the museum! (Side Note:  Once I got there, I realized my camera had NO battery! So all of these are taken on my camera phone.)
That picture doesn't even do it justice!

While looking at everything, we decided to give some of the art our own interpretations.  This one:
We call it "Baby With Attitude"                                          

This one:"Grandma Baby"

This one reminded me of that game "Masterpiece"  I used to play it at my Grandma's house every summer!
There was a garden area outside as well, and it reminded us of something that would be in "Alice in Wonderland"
I think giving our interpretations made it more fun, but the people in the museum did not like all the laughing that we generated from our titles.  After we looked around (it was so big, it was impossible to look at everything!)  We went out to dinner in Culver.  It was a lovely, delicious retaurant called Ugo.  The bread was amazing!

I'm glad that I went on this little adventure!  I can't wait for the next museum!


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I love your take on the paintings...they're so accurate! If more people would do that, I think museums would be a little more fun. I love the Getty :) I love you! When do you want to come down and hang in San Diego?