Tuesday, December 29, 2009

23 years.

You know when you're little, and you look at people older than you and you think, "Wow, I'm never going to get to be that old!" And, you just can't wait to be older, where you can drive, go wherever you want, do whatever you want. Well, now that I am at this point in my life, it is not as I first had imagined it. Life is full of responsibility, and obligation. Planning on what you're going to do with your life, and what you want it to look like now seems more tangible (and less tangible at the same time). All well, I am thankful that I have made it through another year, and I am hoping that the next is full of opportunities, accomplishments, and happiness.

P.S. How was your Christmas? Mine was full of happiness. Lily helped everyone open their presents...I don't think we would have been able to open them all without her! And, my favorite part of Christmas? Wearing out matching Christmas pj's!

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