Sunday, November 22, 2009

Time Capsule.

When I was younger my sister, my cousin, and I would play weird, yet fun, games. Some of them would be war (our cousin's idea, not ours!), we would run around with pencils "shooting" things...probably not the best idea to run with pencils, but hey we were kids! We would pretend to be Ninja Turtles (again, my cousin's idea, but that didn't stop me from making sure that Jamie was Norma, and that I got to be April...Does anyone remember Norma?) We would also swim a lot, and my cousin and I would sit in this huge boat/raft, and Jamie would spray us with the hose, and we would pretend that we were in a storm and try to bail out the water (the boat always sank!). Another things that we did was make a time capsule. We would grab a tin can and put really important things in it like rubber bands, Mall Madness, McDonald's Happy Meal toys, and other various objects. Then, we would take that can and bury it in the backyard. But the thing is, we could never not dig it back up again! Sometimes, we would be really impatient and dig it up about 15 minutes later, but sometimes we would be really good and wait a few days! Whichever the case, we never really let it sit too long because we wanted to see what was inside, and if it looked the same! Now that I am older, I have decided to write a letter to myself to read in the future. This whole past quarter I have been faced with the fact the I have to figure out what to do with my life, and a lot of that discovery has led me to think about where I am going to be in 5 years. So, what I am going to do is write myself a letter with all of the things that I want to have accomplished in my next five years, and I can't open it until those 5 years are done. I hope that I will have everything I set out for my self completed. This time, I will wait to open in!

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