Thursday, August 20, 2009

I should stop.

I have developed this habit where I won't go see a movie based on a book until I have finished reading the book. Then I am sincerely disappointed with the movie because it is nothing like the book, therefore leaving me unfulfilled in my movie going experience. But, reading the books is so much fun and I can't bring myself to see the movie before reading the book. So I guess I will have to deal with this vicious cycle that I have set up for myself! I've been most disappointed in My Sister's Keeper and The Time Travelers Wife. I mean, they are still fairly good movies, but the books are so much better, I definitely recommend you reading them.


Kara Murano said...

the time travelers wife as a book was 1,000 times better than the movie! Although I still cried like a baby during the movie.

Kristin said...

You should stop reading!! =)