Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Roughly Impromptu Trip.

I decided to take advantage of my Friday's class cancellation. I called up my MeeMaw, and she said it would be a wonderful thing to come up and visit her. (I never get to go up to her house as much as I would like to!) I didn't want to take the trip up to Squaw Valley by myself, so Heather came along with me. As we were driving up, we decided that it would be fun to cook my grandma dinner! Since the drive is about 5 hours, it was best to stop at a market up closer. When we started to get closer, we kept our eyes peeled for a market. Only a little ways further, did we find one called, "United Market." Looks like a market, sounds like a market...It was the best place to stop we thought. Once inside, Heather says, "I think this is a Mexican market!' Sure enough, we looked around and we are the only white girls in there, and everything was in Spanish! Luckily, they had everything we needed, rice, fresh vegetables, as well as perfectly ripe Mangos and Abuelita. We continued on our journey up to MeeMaw's house. We had a delightful conversation over a delicious vegetable stir fry with rice for dinner, and soy hot chocolate for dessert!
The next day, Meemaw made us the most amazing breakfast. Oatmeal complete with brown sugar, dried fruit and soy milk. It was perfect to give us energy for our day ahead. We started out with filling boxes for the troops in Iraq and a trip up to King's Canyon to see the BIG trees. These pictures can't even capture how huge these trees are! They are absolutely amazing! After we finished our walk, we had lunch at the restaurant, and had amazing sandwiches. When we got back, Heather and I continued our journey to Modesto, to visit my aunt and cousins. We used Stacy (That's what I call my GPS system) to help us find our way there. However, she sometimes gets confused, and well needless to say she decided to take us on a little detour. At least we got to see a little bit of the country? On this little detour we saw a sign that read, "Flesh Strawberries." That's right, flesh. I regret not taking a picture of it! It was so funny, who writes signs like that...unless they really were advertising "Flesh" strawberries, gross. I hope not! Once we got back on route it was smooth sailing, and we found their house easily. It is the most adorable house ever, and I'm so glad that I got to spend some time with me cousins. We had dinner and chatted. Unfortunately, we were too tired to watch one of our favorite movies together, but perhaps, we will save that for next time!
The next day, Heather and I headed down to San Francisco. We went there to search for a Bridesmaid dress for my sisters wedding because we needed to make sure the colors were perfect. However, the ladies that had told us about the store in SF LIED! It was not in SF but in a city not so near there! I died. At least we had a fun time walking about the city for a few hours! ha! After we explored for a little bit, we headed home. The drive was easy and quite relaxing. Just what we needed!
So overall the weekend was perfect! I'm so glad that I got to hangout with my Grandma and cousins, they are the best!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time =)

I love when you include pictures in your posts!

Jess W.

Jorden said...

Beautiful pictures and a beautiful trip! Way to be spontaneous!

Anonymous said...

You need a new post! I need a Katie update!

Jess Woods