Friday, April 17, 2009

I didn't know...

My sister is getting married!!! And, she has asked me to be her MOH (Maid of Honor, in case you didn't know). And, I just didn't know how many responsibilities there were! Let's see...

Trying to keep the plans on track. (Semi-Check).
Sending out the Save-the-Dates. (Check!)
Helping her pick out the perfect dress. (Check!)
Finding the Perfect bridesmaids dresses (Absolutely no check!)
Planning the Wedding Shower (Nearly done).
Planning the Bachelorette Party (Ha! Haven't even started that yet!)
I'm not even sure if there are other things that the Maid of Honor does that I still should/need to do for her!

I also didn't know that I had to pay for the Wedding Shower. Doesn't she know that I am a poor college student?! I think that I need to reconsider accepting this responsibility! ha, just kidding. I'm having fun, but all of these things are coming up soon! And I hope everything runs smoothly.

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Kristin said...

It is a HUGE responsibilty but also SO worth it! Let me know if you need ideas or help...I have done too many and I too am working on one right now for July!