Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Getting Away...

This weekend I took a road trip up to Brentwood, in northern California. 5 girls in a Jetta for 5 hours...not as bad as it sounds. We stayed at one of my ZTA sisters house, needless to say it is HUGE! and I do not think that word can even remotely describe the size of this house.

We arrived late on Friday, her parents were so accommodating, and even had dinner ready for us when we got there. Her parents are the kindest people ever. They were so sweet and made us feel at home. Saturday morning we woke up, and her mom had bought us bagels for breakfast. We took our time getting ready, and then headed over to Hannah Nicole Vineyards for wine tasting.

It was only down the street (did I mention that my friend lives, and practically all her neighbors, on 10 acres, so down the street is a not that close) but we took a limo anyways, and we got to taste several different wines.

We headed back to her house and hung out for a while. That night we went to my friend's friend's house (sorry a little confusing!)for a birthday celebration. Then we headed to a local bar and went dancing. It was the most fun night. The next morning her mom had made us the most delicious Mexican breakfast. Her dad took out one of the horses and had it dance for us, and watched the other horses run around and play together.

We then, got ready and piled back into the tiny Jetta and headed for home. It was great to get away, and the most enjoyable weekend. I had so much fun relaxing, going out, taking naps, talking, listening, spending time with my sisters and getting out of my normal routine.

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