Friday, September 5, 2008

20 days...

There are only 20 days left until school startsup again, and there is so much that I want to do. Here is what my list contains:

1.) Celebrate my neices birthday--She turns 1 on saturday!
2.) Jhoanna's Briday Shower
3.) Help with Theta Phi's recruitment
4.) ZTA retreat
5.) Read 4 books from my booklist
6.) Brush up on my French
7.) Organize my room
8.) Take lots of pictures
9.) Write more.
10.) See my friends as much as possible, before I don't have time anymore!

I am actually really excited that classes are starting soon, I can't wait for the ones that I am taking, they are classes that I think I will actually want to do the work for. I am taking: Intermediate French, Advanced Expository Writing and Shakespeare before 1600. I am thinking of adding one more class, hopefully I will be able to do that!

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